Save Our Rivers

Our rivers need protection and with your help, we want to restore the waterways of Northern Ireland to the beautiful, thriving environments they once were.

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We have used rivers for centuries, sometimes in a careless way. Many of us have a river close to our homes where we love to walk, fish or simply sit and reflect.


Pollution run-off from land, farms, roads, residential and commercial areas accounts for the most of our freshwater problems. A lot of this goes undetected meaning those responsible often get away with it.

Land Owners

Fertilizers and pesticides are often sprayed on crops so they grow better. If these are washed through the soil by rain to end up in rivers, they can be harmful because they cause algae to grow which can then destroy the river eco-system. However, landowners are being encouraged to partake in good environmental practices as part of the solution to this problem.


Industry creates products to meet consumer demand. Factories and businesses can be a major source of water pollution leading to fish kills and wider environmental damage. Fines for illegal discharge of dangerous substances from industrial sources need to be an effective deterrent. Increasingly businesses realise that an improvement in their environmental performance can give them an advantage in the market place.

Thank you for travelling down the river with us to see the dangers that face the waterways of Northern Ireland every day.

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